Droid Vim - they made it even harder to exit.

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    Vim without a Keyboard makes NO sense, whatsoever.
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    @R5on11c has an on-screen keyboard but yeah probably the dumbest thing to work on. But you can still connect the keyboard via otg cable. Seems to work too. You can't exit using the back button though :)
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    Now I'm lost too...
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    Marked as favourite because this is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. vim's very soul requires a keyboard.

    PS: just started with vim and I understood all the people who kept saying vim is so great. But it's kinda tough
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    @py2js If you found your way to proper C# intellisense, tell me. I've been using nvim for over a year now
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    @R5on11c Not sure if c# works properly in youcompleteme though. I've always found youcompleteme to be bloated Meanwhile the developer of deoplete plugin says this.
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    @thremedy YouCompleteMe does not provide proper intellisense, just word completions from your opened buffers. Also YouComlpeteMe is very invasive.
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    @R5on11c That's one of the reasons why I moved to neovim. Deoplete is much simpler and uses less memory.I think it utilizes the python plugin for neovim along with the asynchronous stuffs. I didn't go deep on that. I hope deoplete would support more languages. I'm not sure if the omnisharp integration works well with deoplete but it works good with other programming languages such as python and go.

    Youcompleteme was like. really download 100+MB for autocomplete?
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    @thremedy There is an integration for omnisharp for vim from the omnisharp guys themselves, but it's buggy and mostly not really working.
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