"Chrome 66 arrives with autoplaying content blocked by default"

Fuck yeah! Fuck you CNET, Mashables and all the other retard companies that did that.

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    This sentence is strange or maybe my thought doesn't keep up with English totally but I had to read 3 times because I keept understanding that "blocked content by default would be autoplayed anyway" lol
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    I’m pretty sure there’s an option to disable that
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    @-vim- there is. It's called NoScript. Last time I've seen autoplay was around y2k.
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    @azous autoplaying content IS blocked by default
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    You can get around it though with just a little js
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    If youtube can play a video on load, other sites will be able too. Either use some kind of content blocking extension, or just do not visit these pages, they will learn it the hard way.
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    @Shardj that's not the point. It's annoying to everyone and it's refreshing to know that it will be blocked by default.

    @aritzh there is a difference between a news website which is primarily used for its articles and a media-sharing website.
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    @tahnik I understand that. But I just wanted to say that it will for sure be easy to avoid the protection, by just mimicking what youtube does.
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    I think there should be also adblock by default and hiding popups by default also.
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    @lubwn hiding popups has been default for years I'm pretty sure
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    no it will not block the content, it will only mute it. And even then, only if you have not interacted with the site in certain ways.
    Please do some research next time
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    @Anookas it's the headline of a news article, I didn't write it myself. Fucking hell bro chill out lol.
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    @tahnik yeah, and you're spreading false information, so please don't. Simple as that
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