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    I would buy a Linux laptop and tweak the shit out of it before starting to work 😂
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    Lol, the amount of tweaking done to my Linux machines is infinitely more than my other machines.
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    Trim neckbeard😂😂 I'm crying from laughter
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    Yeaahhhhh this comic is inaccurate.

    One does not simply upgrade RAM on a Mac.
    Because that shit is soldered on.

    Also I don't know of any Linux system that hasn't been tweaked on before any productivity is done
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    @xroad I remember being upset when Air started with soldering and glueing everything in place. Accepted it because of how sleek they made it. Then it spread to MBP.. :(
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    @Elkstorm as much as I love Apples design the route they're taking with how upgradable their products are - it's pretty disappointing.

    The worst part is usually what Apple does, everyone else follows. So this is bad for the industry as a whole
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    @xroad Agreed. I recall when iPhone was heckled for not having a exchangeable battery. Now it's quite normal for Android phones as well. And phone still dies half through the day if you actually use it.

    I've still not forgiven Apple for ditching magsafe. I'll just hold on to my recent MBP for as long as possible. Luckily that should work just fine as the 2008 one is still alive :)
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    @Elkstorm certain things they do does make sense. One of my friends would always complain how his Galaxy was better because he could easily carry a spare battery with him if he needed to.

    I swear to God, not once in my life had I seen him with an extra battery. And his phone would always be the first to die.

    Mostly because that argument is stupid - you can't be expected to carry a fully charged spare battery wherever you go. How do you charge the second battery? Where do you carry it? Battery cases are the way to go.

    But yeah, soldered RAM to make a laptop a few mm thinner is dumb. And Mac Pro - really?
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    @xroad Well they certainly get it most of the times. Or they would be out of business :) And as you say. It more the idea that one _could_ have a spare battery - not that it's a widely used solution. A USB battery pack seems far more popular while also being useful for multiple devices.
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    @xroad I bought my work Air with max ram because of this. Took a while to get it. Unfortunately I misjudged how much disk I would use since I started heavy use of VMs only after buying - so I still feel the pain of not being able to upgrade easily.
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    @Elkstorm sierra has a feature that'll allow you to reclaim some space. It saved me some 50GB. BUT YES, more than the RAM it's the hard drive that limits me
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    - clone vim config,
    - setup environment,
    - install zsh
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