Now I know Node.js and PHP as well.
Convince me why I should use Node.Js and other frameworks over PHP and related frameworks.

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    You don't have to
    use whatever works best for you
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    You shouldn't.
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    Good luck with using PHP over node for a web socket signalling system haha
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    @norman70688 Personally not aware of a good working php library, any resources?
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    As you said and I agree: Socket communication with PHP is problematic and misunderstood on many occasions.
    There is implementation of socket communication packaged with PHP, but you might not be able to use them because of the runtime design with Apache-PHP.

    If you run PHP through CLI, it's completely different.

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    Neither, learn spring boot or dotnet core and get yoself a nice language with static types and blazing performance instead.

    Php is good tho, just don't really like how tied up the node ecosyatem is with nosql
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