The story of Netscape and Internet Explorer really proves the irony of fate! And how life will come back to bite you.

Back in the 90's you had to pay for browsers like Netscape (it was called a navigator but same thing) but after Microsoft released IE for free with your windows copy in 2002 it crushed Netscape and nobody used it anymore (the graph below).

But! Netscape wouldn't give up and before the company died after it made legal accusations against Microsoft and Bill Gates and made them pay for that they did, but Netscape was too far gone and already were falling apart they decided to make a self detonation (I guess that's what they thought being in that tight corner) and they released the code as open source which would later get taken by Mozilla and be the code base for Firefox.

Now look at how much better Firefox is and how nobody uses the shitty IE!

Kind of reminds me of the scene from watchmen where Rorshack was in prison and said the best sentence in the movie "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here WITH ME!"

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    @rEaL-jAsE DeLeTe ThIs!!!
    At this level it's a mental torture.
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    This should prove my point enough @rEaL-jAsE
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    @ahmednader Look i also found a random chart that proves u are wrong it the 3rd in Google search so it is 100%valid so edge >firefox?
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    Yeah because saying Firefox is worse without any points of comparison is VERY accurate 👀👀@rEaL-jAsE
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    It is supposed to be ironical to what he's saying saying it's just better so I posted this...... So I guess in a way I did what you've just done but I assumed (looks like I was wrong) that it would be clear @noogli
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    Okay so
    -You're assuming that it's better based on how it runs on your computer.... Interesting statistics.
    -You also assume that I started the browser war when you're literally the one who jumped in saying one is better than the other......
    -If you don't care so much you shouldn't have made a comment them 👀.
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    @ahmednader I'd love to see that graph after opening 40 tabs and going back to 5 multiple times. Different tabs. Randomly opened. Right where the graph cuts off you see the problem. It clutters in long-time use.
    But that's the whole pointless this vs that problem and people comparing a vanilla firefox to an over-plugged chrome and just because they can to edge/ie too and are happy to see 5 mb ram difference.
    Jase is somehow right, vanilla edge is pretty damn lightweight. The look and feel is of course subjective.

    BUT the story told in this rant actually is kind of great.😊
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    @rEaL-jAsE that opinion is super edgy!
    I'll sort myself out...
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    @theKarlisK no Firefox still runs Gecko with some new Servo features brought over by the Quantum project - hence the name Firefox Quantum, the only place where Firefox uses webkit is on iOS because of Apple's stupidity ;)
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    I definitely prefer Firefox over chrome, and just accept that if I'm using a major browser, it's using all the memory it can grab. I have no use for safari or edge, as they're not cross-platform, and I use Linux and Mac every day. Some days Windows too.

    If any browser has a memory utilization advantage over another, it's like a skyscraper that beat the previous one in height by 2 meters. From the ground it looks the same.

    I prefer Firefox because other browsers cannot do what it does.
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    @theKarlisK well... Qunatum is still Gecko, just newer version... so I guess it's using the new version
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    Firefox is the best browser when it comes to privacy and usability.
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    And features.
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    Lmao this is @rEaL-jAsE in a nutshell "REEEE I don't care about your statistics because I have anecdotal evidence"

    Sure the statistics are shit and don't come with a source, but neither does your anecdotal "evidence" you dumb kid
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    "global warming isn't real, because it's cold where I live today!"
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    Wondering wtf @rEaL-jAsE said on this thread
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