Buy dell, hp, lenovo and any other craptop company out there and fire all the numbnuts working there so that they slowly die of unemployment in the fucking gutters where their useless asses rightly belong. Oh and castrate them too so that they don't reproduce.
I'm considering going full Lannister on them but that might be too harsh.

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    What's wrong with hp, dell, and Lenovo, and what would you suggest as an alternative?
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    @j4cobgarby I don't know the alternative yet. But I got a lenovo laptop and it had issues with the only USB 3 port on it. Countless calls and visits to the service center, made them change the motherboard (with a refurbished one) that went bust within 5 months (after warranty expiration too). The problem was with the port design and it wasn't resolved. When the board's video card went bust I decided to get a new motherboard but apparently there were more issues because the motherboard was extinct within 1 year of the laptop purchase. I had to buy a new laptop in less than two years!
    New laptop - Dell.
    I got a warranty extension right away because of my last experience. This one was working well till a few months ago when a message showed up that my power adapter can't be recognized. I called support and after an hour of running tests they concluded the port is loose because of wear and tear and refused to replace it because it's a usage issue and not covered in warranty... <cont.>
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    @dr-ant <cont.>
    I was too busy to fight them but I called them again last month because it was driving me nuts (charging works only if I insert the power cable at some holy angle). Again I was refused any assistance (I have onsite warranty). Finally I take the laptop to the service center where I'm told that it'll take 3 days and that the laptop has to be kept with them. Later that day I had to fight with that guy to get him to try changing the motherboard. He insisted on reinstalling the os first. Argh!
    The lazy and unprofessional fucks delayed the shipment for a new motherboard (probably refurbished) and now they tell me it'll take all weekend and that I'll get it on Monday. I have zero trust in them. They didn't even give me any receipt. Not because they don't but because they forgot. 😀 I took a pic though.
    Whenever I call them I get a busy tone/call waiting. From my previous interactions I know it's not customers they're talking to (just personal calls).
    ... <cont.>
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    @dr-ant <cont.>
    As for hp, I've seen my friends suffer from similar issues.

    I'm sorry this became so long but I couldn't help it.
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    Oh HP why are you so bad at cooling... My dad's laptop sits at 83°C at anything but idle and if it reaches 85 it shuts down. A lot.
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