started using vim just for shits and I gotta say it's been a massive pain in the ass.

wanted to indent like 7 blocks of code at once. 20 minutes later I've tried several methods, none of which indent it 4 spaces like the rest of my file.

there's like 15 different ways to indent shit. Jesus Christ.

then I had to sift through countless people in heated vim debates on SO.

I am not worthy

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    spaces, rather than tabs???


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    Try vscode mate
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    Default Vim is never the best experience, that's why you have a .vimrc in your home to make it work the way you want it
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    @spoiledgoods if you haven't then try this : Write/manually indent the first few lines of your code with the style of indentation you want. Then go to command mode(Press esc) the type this : "gg=G" for a starting to ending indentation.
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    Oh rant about vim, that's new
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    @Phippsaurus Don't suggest set autoindent. It fucks up python code like anything. Happened to me once..
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    1) :set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab
    2) v
    3) move cursor up/down until you've selected your text block
    4) >

    You'll only think it's more effort until you realise how much you love terminal like a real wizard.
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    sudo pacman -Rs vim
    sudo pacman -S emacs
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    In my opinion vim should only be used when no ide is available, for example: cuda
    You'll only save time if you're working on a single-file-small-project, otherwise might as well use an ide
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    lol well even w/o a config


    shift+. (>)

    should move something over w/e the configs are

    (i know it's a month ago but w/e)
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