Was watching a soap with my girlfriend and they were trying to hack into the network of a hospital.. oh my

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    Clearly they were worried about the dest var not being defined 😒
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    Who dafuq even watches Familie or Thuis. Seriously that are the worst TV shows in history.
    For non Belgians, it goes like this:
    "Troubles -> cry -> repeat".
    Don't get why so many people watch. Please explain OP 😉😂

    Still expected more of VTM. 😁
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    @sigfried Because zatte Rita 😂 but idk why people like it tbh it usually has really stupid plots, bad writing & bad camera work but oh well 🤷‍♂️
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    @jelleken 😂😂 yeah. I'm pretty sure if I watch it I can roughly predict the next episode. Even a 3 yo can do that. But yeah maybe people want to see some drama IDK why tho.
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    I wouldn't expect anything more from the vtm show sorry 😂
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    ScremingInternally(source, destination) Getelementbyid
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    Yeah this shit is much better than soap in India.
    Just for clarification sake I don't watch soap.
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    Fuck SOAP! Use REST.
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    Yes, DOM is the way
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    Here, the daily soaps are far worse. The national crime intelligence agency show in it was using Windows Media Player album art as the fucking criminal records database.
    How do you beat that? 😎
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