A conversation with our network/system admin.

Me : Can I install linux on my computer, windows is slow and terrible.

Him : No, if you use anything but Windows in this company, you will be fired for bypassing our security protocols. Its written in your contract.

Me : *boots up my Macbook*

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    Really? Fired? Well that escalated quickly!
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    Gotta admit it sounds like you're asking for trouble there mate, nervous sysadmins have a surprising amount of power
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    @DLMousey Can't build a mac app, without a mac. So, they overlook it.
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    @jacojvvdev ah well you didn't tell us that bit :P
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    @DLMousey Funny thing is that I spoke to him about this way after starting with the macbook, he is just a windows fanboy, he wants everyone to use it.
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    @jacojvvdev The company should supply you with a MacBook and do what they can to get it on the domain.
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    @DLMousey also, by their logic, every android user should be fired as well. So, Im safe.
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    @jacojvvdev I get your point but rules are rules :P if you don't make em it's usually a good idea to follow em
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    True. But sometimes one have to ask. Are we to make products and earn money for the company? Or to use Windows? 😃
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    @andersoyvind The company probably made their money in the first place by making stuff for Windows.

    Your high horse, get off it.
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    @drRoss actually, I work for a publishing company. Not a software company.

    We only have three developers on site, every one else is pretty much your typical user. Except for sysadmin of course.
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    It doesn't sound like the ideal job ever thought of changing it ? Dictating employee work flow to such a degree is terrible
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