So, last night I came home from work and "Kung Fu Hustle" was on (cable). I watched it for like ten minutes and then turned it off. Didn't even think about it after.

Just a couple of hours ago I was on YouTube and a clip from that movie came up as a suggested video. On a browser where I'm not logged in. On a computer that's not mine. That is behind a proxy server. That is in a continent far away from me.

Am I crazy or that is actually Google doing that?

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    Dude that’s beyond scary
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    It is scary, might be true.

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    Was this machine on when you were watching? Because there's this thing going on online about Google listening to your mic to advertise on that. There was this streamer who looked through adds and saw nothing for dog toys. Then he was just talking about it for a minute and the second of third page had dog toy adds on it.

    Someone should look into this shit
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    @Charmesal Exactly. I was actually just talking about it for a second. You know, actually talking. I said something like "Hey, Kung Fu Hustle is on". That thing you said it does with the mic, that's unacceptable...

    If that wasn't the case the only explanation I can come up with is that the movie was trending in my country (really doubt it), recognized me from my behavior (even when on a different comp.) and YT made its suggestions based on that. Who knows?
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    Or I'm just paranoid/overreacting.
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    I'd say paranoia. That PC later couln't've identified you if you never logged into anything.
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    The more likely scenario is that if it was on TV, then a lot of people in your area watched it, and at least some of them looked up a funny clip to show to their friends. YouTube didn't have access to your data if you weren't logged in, but it did have access to your general location (at least your country). It then showed you the clip as something trending, not based on your own data, but rather the watching and browsing habits of people around you.

    Still a bit scary, but not nearly as much.
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    Better don't research too much about that issue... Google might just find you if they don't want you to find their dirty secrets
    Might also just be a coincidence
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    @telephantasm Right. I could just be a creepy coincidence. But the odds of that being the case is small.
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    I'm searching for answers. I'm paranoid, and everybody knows.

    You can think what has happened. Nothing too bad this far.

    Please seek help if you think alike.
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