I hate when people get Java and JavaScript confused. One is a language used for smaller projects by am mature programmers, and the other is a scripting language for the web.

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    What is a mature programmer ?
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    @orijin ... Ummm.... Someone who doesn't program in java?
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    or the fact they have nothing to do with each other
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    @FelisPhasma oh you meant immature programmers, haha get the joke now!
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    @orijin oh no, didn't see the typo...
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    @FelisPhasma don't worry about it! I forgot a ; today
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    i love java and i m not even offended 😁
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    @4by10 I wish everyone acted like that (not be offended) 😄
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    Java is to JavaScript as car is to carpet.
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    @avian Excellent way to put it!
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    Actually I don't use any more java in favor of c#, but it's a powerful language and you can do a lot of cool stuff.
    still funny post ofc. 😛
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    @superuser I find your comment ironic because of your nickname
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    when it comes to work and money my personal preferences is the least thing that have to do with the language I use.
    Development in c# is fast, easy and pays well. So, why not? I am making a crm like website and api for a major European telecommunication provider just by myself (i have a one man company) in my free time, while I am working and in my day job.
    If i didn't use c# mvc and entity that would be impossible by one man.
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