What's the most modern game you've ever played on (GNU/ if you insist)Linux?

What distro?

How? (Wine, VM, ...)

HW specs?

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    Dota 2 :v steam
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    Spacechem on Ubuntu Trusty. The Humble Bundle Distribution.
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    Dying light, natively. Heres a video someone did https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    Infinifactory on Lubuntu 14.04. i5 and an excessive 16GB of RAM. Works great straight out of steam.

    Plenty of other DRM free games from humblebundle, or just filter steam for games with SteamOS/Linux support.
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    Hmmm, despite fact that I really don't see this question as appropriate for devRant ;) I must answer.

    First - disclaimer. I don't play games a lot (a bit old, 42) and, for some time, I play only retro and/or indie games.

    Game I play regularly (and is a quite new game) is "Don't Starve" (including all expansions and MP). Native Linux app (via Steam), playing on my main desktop machine, 64bit Ubuntu OS (14.04/16.04) on quite weak platform - Intel G2030 CPU, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GTX430 GPU
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    Tux racer.
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    payday 2
    Left 4 Dead
    Team Fortress 2

    My son on the other hand plays those and more ...

    We haven't used Windows for years
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    tried playing guild wars 2 on wine installed on OpenSUSE leap 42.1. I had 20fps in game and 30fps in the character select screen. it was a sad moment. had to make a partition for windows just to play games
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    Although as @firusvg said it might not be a rant-like post, I was kind of curious, because I still use Windows for gaming and I heard about issues with games and linux long ago which were solved either by running VM or a way better HW was needed. So just checking. It's better to hear a common user ran this and that modern game than some gameplayer with strong gaming tower did this and that. I ain't gonna buy overpriced gaming tower, am I? (I'm too lazy to build it myself, hehe.)
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    btw my computer is a Lenovo laptop with Lubuntu 16.04 and my kid's computer is a desktop I built, don't remember the spec now but it's not the too of the line. On his computer we run Lubuntu 15.10
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