Haha am Eager to see this.

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    That's pretty cool.

    Or you could just get this.
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    Haha 😂. Good alternative
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    Made my day man 😂
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    @jhh2450 but that's an adaptor. The point is that is should be in the laptop itself no external cluster fuck
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    And efficiency too. Adapters tend to be less efficient
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    On an Ethernet port, you can only plug in an Ethernet cable.

    On a Thunderbolt port, I can plug in a screen (vga, hdmi or thunderbolt), an ethernet, another Mac (either iMac for target display, or any Mac in target disk, saved my bacon once on non-booting Mac), and probably a few other things I don't know.

    Is carrying adapters cumbersome? Sure. But you know what's really a pain in the ass? When you cannot use a screen because you only have HDMI and it's VGA (or the other way around).

    Also, this port looks fragile as fuck. So many moving part, it's going to fail pretty soon under heavy usage.
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    I once saw a laptop that had a sort of mini VGA plug, with a built-in adapter you had to unfold in order to use a conventional VGA... Looked quite hacky like that solution
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    @jhh2450 Apple can't even fit a USB A though
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    This looks like something that would break off very easily..
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    @sigfried Not even a cluster fuck.

    I'd much rather use this that have that piece of shit looking thing on my laptop that like @heymyrthe said, look easily breakable.
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    @NoobCoder Don't use their shit products then... problem solved.
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    Acer has a better solution
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    @jhh2450 iLan Port ? I'll love to sell my eye for that.
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    Robocop RJ45 reporting to service
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    I have one of those at work. Fujitsu btw
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    Wow. Looks cool to me @Kisle
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    @Kisle which model is this?
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    Lifebook U904
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    @jhh2450 that's a workaround..there will always be workarounds.. Doesn't beat the real thing
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    It's an abomination... but somehow beautiful
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