I want to know if anyone else has done this. I once completely said fuck it and trashed a project after 3 months of work because of too many error after error. I redid the whole thing in about a week and a half.

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    You did it with 1.5 week with your prior experiences.
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    @iwakirinko yes. I couldn't fix a lot of issues that were arriving so I rebuilt the project and it ended up working a lot better
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    Done this before... Sometimes I find it is really helpful to totally rework the code into something more usable
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    yes, but there was a day of crying somewhere in there.
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    If you do it on purpose, it's a throwaway prototype.
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    I think it's because once you start something over, you then have the advantage of two perspectives, you have the inside looking out from the first attempt, but then the outside looking in from starting over. I think the combination allows for clearer sight of the problems and how to maneuver around them.
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    Happened to me once with a personal project which aimed to draw L-System fractals while I was in grad school.
    Did it in cpp when I learned cpp. Had so many errors I rewrote everything in java when I learned java. Was so slow that I rewrote everything in python when I learned python! Now I'm pretty satisfied with the result :p
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    @hiestaa is Java slower than Python?
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    @sheeponmeth not necessarily it's probably b/c it was using shitty slow Java Swing
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    been there, did that :)
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    Yes, I have done this. Fresh start is sometimes necessary. You get clarity.
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    @sheeponmeth i don't want to go into this debate, let's just say that I've become a better python programmer than Java. Or I may have used the shittiest java drawing library out there. I didn't meant to argue about the speed of the core language there ;)
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