Never trust on anyone.....😕😕

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    With a name and screenshots/images like this, how it it possible to fall into this trap? Because it's shiny?

    Edit: What's with the "1,36,760" reviews? They didn't know where to place the decimal limiter?
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    Firefox Android with AdNaseum works nice
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    @Jilano Indian system. We don't use "million", the equivalent is "10 lakh", one lakh is one tenth of a million (so one hundred thousand). So there's a separator after the 5th place instead of the 6th.

    So you'd read that like so: 1 lakh, 36 thousand, 7 hundred blah blah
    Instead of 136 thousand, 7 hundred blah blah
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    @RememberMe Oh! I had no idea
    Thank you for the clarification
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    *free adreplacer
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    Another cup of hypocrisy anyone?
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    I like Brave, it's nice ♡
    But I'm using AdAway, too.
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    lol I use that. works like a charm. I read it and got suspicious gave it a try. haven't encountered any ads.
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    it pretty much looks like normal chrome. think it is actually based on chromium. but it can get rid of YT ads thank god for that
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