Sell 1000MB drives at the price of a 1000GB drive, and some people may think its a typo.
I'm about to get rich.

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    well, this IS the exact definition of scam...
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    @shelladdicted It'd be a scam when you actually say that it's a terabyte-sized drive, while it's just a gigabyte-sized one.
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    @systemctl say what you want, but if you write a wrong description (aka typo) on purpose IS SCAM.

    if it is a real typo (not on purpose) then is not your fault and you're lucky.
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    @shelladdicted As I understand, the OP wrote:

    - Sell 1000 MB drive
    - Write "it's a 1000 MB drive"
    - Price it like a Terabyte drive (so that people *think* the seller had a typo)

    Have I misunderstood something? :o
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    @systemctl in this way is NOT a scam and the customer that pays is an idiot.
    so you are fine.
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    @shelladdicted @systemctl
    And that is why i get rich. Legal, and only dumb people as customers :)
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    Heh, my tits jiggled a little

    I will let myself out
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    Its call cheating amd bluffing.
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    Ever played eve online? This is a scam.
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    1PB hdd's do not exist i think..
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    @Alice i think a 1MB drive may be more expensive than a 1GB drive, since its older and more "antique". No idea tho, just guessing
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    @JiggleTits most likely, as you have to give a custom command for it manufacture as probably no one make those low storage drives anymore (efficiency reasons i believe)
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    > exact definition of a scam
    Why do you think so? If the listing says 1000 MB and the drive in fact has a capacity of ~1000MB then it is not a scam, no matter what the price is; If someone is willing to pay $100 for 1GB then let them :)
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    @D3add3d thank you
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