"To use the clock you need Adobe Flash"

Really 1&1? You really need flash to show a fucking clock? Its not that hard to do this in javascript, or? Even if it is an analog clock :D There is even a tutorial of the "quality content page" w3schools about implementing this in javascript ... just whyyyyyyy? it 2018, not 2004.

(1&1 is an german ISP. This message occured in their webmailer using it without flash.)

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    How about a 24h-long gif instead? To save space you can overlay 3 gifs and a background-png too.
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    @YouAreAPIRate A 24h long video of a clock would probably be more efficient.
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    Marcell D'Avis just knows a lot about technology and high speed. :D
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    "you need adobe flash to..."
    No... No I don't...
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    are they any good, 1&1 I mean, I've heard about them pretty recently and I think they are had some 'addon' companies like bluhost etc in the past that sucked ass iirc
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    @dev-nope im a 1&1 customer for 8 years now. Never had Problems with them, the Customer service is the best one i habe experienced so far.I could choose which router they sent me, i opted for a FritzBox, for free mind you.
    And have a stable Up/downstream connection of 250mbits for 25€.
    So the best ISP, for me so far.
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