Is it just me or has german tv become more and more ad-ridden? A few years ago it was considered a dick move to play a single ad during an episode.
Now some channels continue the tv program but make it smaller so they can show an ad on the sides. And whenever i switch to the most popular channels i get an overlay that is basically an ad too.

I switched to livestreams and web-based tv for a reason, and that's because tv ads get more intrusive with every year. And don't get me started on the bullshit that smart tv's do nowadays, by that i mean sending data home.
I can't wait for tv to die out or to be replaced by an ip-based protocol just like telephones did.

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    Lmao try watching some American sports.

    Was watching basketball today:
    There was a 3 minute commercial break. Come back. 30 seconds of play. 3 more minutes of commercial break.
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    @jhh2450 yeah, i've heard about that. But i don't want to know what will be the future for american tv, it sounds bad enough just as it is.
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    @YouAreAPIRate Most people don't use cable anymore, so we have paid subscriptions for things like Netflix and Hulu. While my Hulu subscription has ads, some don't. (Was part of a Spotify x Hulu promotion.)

    The only time I actually use the cable is to watch sports, so it's fine. (And even then, sometimes I'll stream the sports Instead of using cable. I'll get a "This broadcast is in a break" for a few minutes Instead of ads.
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    @jhh2450 paid subscibtions might be the only way out, but i'm struggling to adopt because in my mind every service has a different subset of tv shows available and none have all i want.
    My current model of livestreams (i watch occasional ads there), websites of government tv channels (those don't have ads) and friday evening tele5 (i watch ads there but on mute) keeps me satisfied so i wont switch for a long time.
    I may or may not watch anime on streaming sites, but i'd rather buy the anime than to sign up to some online service. (I just have to mention code geass and redline here, those were really good)
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    for me the content is even more annoying than the ads. since i avoid watching it, there is no problem with ads either 🤷‍♂️
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    In Italy there's a channel (owned by Berlusconi btw) where they play even 5 minutes of ads in the middle of a Big Bang Theory episode...
    And it's the same for every channel in his network (he owns about three or four channels).
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