Successfully duel booted windows and elementary os. 😌😌
Installed elementary tweaks, osx darker theme numix circle icons.
Installed vs code. 😋😋
Life was never so easy.
I love elementary os. 😍😍😍
Elementary forever.🤘

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    We want pics
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    @otavio vs code, theme, icons and newly found wallpaper 😍😍🤓
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    @langObject really pretty !
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    9/10, nice job! But those icons kind of get lost without a proper background or something like a taskbar
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    @KennyTheBard Yep, but I don't use that to launch apps. Keyboard shortcuts for quick launching yay! So it's fine 🤗
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    @langObject by the way, that macOS-ish look is standard or included in some post installation upgrades? It gives a cool vibe
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    @KennyTheBard It's elementary tweaks installed. I learned it from here..


    Also came to know about this new thing PPA😇
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