A few days ago, I finally switched from Win 10 to Linux. Now, I see an open source world of customization, free of any bloatware or BSOD. And it feels great ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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    The brotherhood of open source welcomes you to or circle! 🥋
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    you have been saved from hells.
    GJ dude!
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    @hawkes I shall be worthy of my new responsabilities 🙏
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    Welcome to the good part of operating systems and desktop environments
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    Glad you could join us.
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    Did you try `sudo rm -rf /` yet?

    Edit: pls don't try it out.
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    @b3b3 I see what you did there 😂
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    @Lahsen2016 That sounds like the next level of optimization
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    Welcome to the world of endless dependencies, and permissions configuration :D
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    Just wait until you update the kernel and Nvidia breaks 😎
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    You are a new man now. Oh holly Linux bless his soul. #linux>jezus 🙏 🐧
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    What distro? Any problems with setting up? What about wifi (if you have it at all)?
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    @sladuled Probably Manjaro xD
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    just dive in and get arch; its not that bad. after around 3 or 4 days, i had the installation memorized
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    @simo002m @sladuled Yup, it's Manjaro (Gnome version). Everything worked out of the box for me (including Wifi). I've been using it for a few days without any problem.
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    @ParkCity That's what I'm planning to do afterwards (and part of why I chose Manjaro), but since I'm kind of a newbie, I wanted to start with something a bit more user friendly 😂
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    You may find all those applications you really like to use, there are no Linux equivalents that work as well..

    That game you love, whoops, doesn't work under Linux.

    That gadget of yours, oh sorry, no driver for that under Linux !

    Oh you've just done a huge update and Linux is broken, I wonder what you do next..

    Maybe Windows isn't that bad after all. :-)
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    @Nanos Actually, I'm still dual-booting with Windows (mostly to play games, I admit^^), so if I miss anything on Linux I should be fine. But Windows does have the advantage to be the most widely supported platform.
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    @PurplePachyderm I'm too scared to try dual booting Linux and Windows these days.

    It's hard enough to dual boot windows with windows and make it work. :-)

    Maybe my next machine I will try it, then if it breaks, I've got this as a backup to use. :-)
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    @simo002m did you just assume his distro?! 😂😇👍 or I missed something..? 🤔
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    @sladuled Well, I just put the Manjaro logo in the picture ^^
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    @PurplePachyderm o fuck.. yup, I'm blind!! 😂😂 Thanks for the hint. I thought it was the default green bookr or sth...
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    I'm reminded of the time when I had 6 PC's, 5 of them wasn't working, so a good thing I had a 6th to help fix the other 5 !

    The day before, all 6 was working..

    Then a windows update came..

    Luckily they was not all running the same version of Windows, but it was a rapid decline of 5 working, oh looks, another update, 4 working..

    Oh look something updated and broke another one, down to 3 working..

    Lets hope nothing bad happens, oh dear, spoke too soon, 2 working..

    Suddenly last but one BSOD for no apparent reason !

    Down to one !

    What a weekend that was !

    Now I just have to remember not to let Windows 10 update my video drivers or I get all blank screens next login..

    Policy editor helps there.

    Though the last update ended up deleting the working video drivers, but at least it didn't replace them with non-functional ones !
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    @Nanos That story would deserve a rant by itself :p. Windows updates are definitely great...
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    @Condor I can approve of that
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    @PurplePachyderm When I think of windows updates I think of three phones I have.

    One Symbian OS, last updated 6 years ago..

    Windows phone OS, last updated 3 years ago.

    Android OS phone, last updated, well, every time I turn the bloody thing on !

    I actually want to update the Windows phone OS, but to do that I need to:

    Downgrade it to a lower OS..
    Which needs a Windows XP only machine to do it on..
    Then update it again..
    This may also involve having a developers key, which are no longer available..

    As such, I think I might just skip to Android and forget Windows phones. :-)

    Oh wait, there is a new Windows phone out isn't there.

    We got, lets see:

    Windows Mobile OS
    Windows Phone OS
    Windows OS

    Something like that..

    Oh and, some other kind of Windows CE phone..

    All not very compatible with each other..

    I like the Symbian one, except it doesn't have a caps lock key!

    I like the windows one, except it turns the keyboard back light off after 30 seconds..

    Android one, dunno yet!
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    @Nanos How about getting an iPhone otherwise? (just kidding, Android is great imho)
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    @PurplePachyderm Can you buy an iPhone with a physical keyboard.. ?
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    @Nanos I've never heard of such a thing, but it might be worth doing your research 😅
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    @PurplePachyderm I've not heard of one.

    But then it took me a few years to discover there is an Android phone with a keyboard, it just doesn't work in my country without a SIM slot mod:

    Related link:

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    @Nanos I was just being ironic about the iPhone , I didn't even know there was an Android phone with a keyboard^^.
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    This is quite a good idea:



    > The individual keys are designed
    > to handle more than 200,000
    > presses without issues.

    What, only 200,000 !

    I'm used to keyboards with keys lasting millions of keystrokes, and I still wear them out !

    Maybe if they do a MK 2 with a greater lifespan, otherwise I might wear it out in a year.
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    Bad thing about Arch is... When you're stuck without wifi and you have to mount your phone manually without ever having done it... I miss you LM *cry*

    Or when you casually fuck up and bring the whole system down... Reinstalling is always fun *sigh*
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    @nanoandrew4 I've removed my sudoers file and I didn't even have to reinstall. Just pop a recovery drive in and you're set.
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    @Dacexi I changed the permissions recursively on my /usr to my user and no programs worked... Had to reinstall, always beware recursive changes...

    EDIT: Also lest we forget not installing 'dialog' package on install... Had to go back in so many times with live USB to mount and chroot to install...
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    @PurplePachyderm since u r new to the other side of operatIng systems and in search of something more user-friendly. Download and install Linux Mint. It looks like windows os, but well... it isn't ;)
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    That's Manjaro right? Do they have the latest versions of packages in their repos? I keep using LTS versions of Ubuntu and I'm getting tired of never having the latest versions of packages.
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    @smallTalker Manjaro is a rolling release distro, so repositories are updated quite often. However, they always have 1 or 2 weeks of delay on Arch repos.
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    Got kernel panic?
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    @FinlayDaG33k Didn't encounter one yet, but it's probably gonna happen at some point 😁
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