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    Fuck chromium devs and their hate for linux. Piece of shit

    Screen share with audio is broken under chromium, because some user didn't want the desktop audio appear when asking for input devices, when there's no microphone available.
    The thread doesn't mention a specific cause for this besides "for some reason pulseaudio does this"

    So what did the gigabrains working on chromium decide to do? Not list monitors (basically recording devices for on desktop audio) at all.

    * UI is hard
    * Because we say so
    * Fuck standards

    And they only do that on linux. Windows, which uses a similar concept works just fine. Mac? Yeah, just hacked it in. Linux? GL won't fix

    Meanwhile they decide to add all shits of non standard, bug causing events for shits and giggles, but when you actually want to resolve issues you're met with silence and arrogance.

    Once again, what a piece of shit. Chromium devs must love making things worse with every passing version