A Month ago...
Me: when are you going to complete the report
Friend: we can do it in minutes
Me: you can't Ctrl + c and Ctrl +v as there is plagiarism check
Friend: we have spin bot
Me: you do that now itself . if something happens? You can join me .
Friend: just chill

Now ...
Me: done with report
Friend: feeding it to spin bot!

Feeds text related to database security....

Spin bot:
Garbage collector == city worker
SQL statements == SQL explanation
SQL queries == SQL interrogation
SQL injection == SQL infusion
Attack == assault
Malicious == noxious
Data integrity == information uprightness
Sensitive == touchy
Me: told you so...
**spin not == article rewriter

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    Oh no! They assaulted our waitress and stole touchy information!


    Oh no! They attacked our server and stole sensitive data!
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    @sak96 Please post full friend's report text 📌
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    So you use waitress?
    He just Gave up after few pages now he is re writing on his own sleepless night it seems, if I had a copy I would have shared the link. He doesn't have it but he was saying it had some very difficult words. I guess it was just checking for complex synonyms. If any one some better not please share.
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