What's with some devs around here posting their stories of doing shitty things like they're heroes or something?

Oh, you hacked your former boss and destroyed data because he did something you didn't like?

Oh, you tried to work smart, but then essentially defrauded your client by claiming you had to rewrite the app for another platform?

How many other ones?

It's shit like this that make it harder for the honest developers out there to get a client to actually trust us, and that trust is so important for both sides of a contract.

How can a client who was burned by one of these douche bags trust when another developer actually quotes a rewrite of a code base that is fundamentally flawed?

How about a business partner of the one who was hacked. What if they're as honest as can be, but heard the horror story, and now refuses to entrust anything to their developers?

It makes all our jobs harder and makes us all look like shit.

And here you are, posting it up for those precious ++'s.

Fuck you. Either shape up or do us and your clients a favor and choke on your keyboard.

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    No wonder developers are often not taken seriously...
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    “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do”

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    I completely agree. I read the fraud one earlier. What a fucking idiot.
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    I have met and still meeting countless stupid/insane/arrogant/ignorant clients. Yes I do get pissed occasionally. I did have my fuck it I'm out moment. That's why I was very happy when I found devRant. Finally a place to rant about all those shits.

    So far it has been 5 years that I survived and grow my business. I improved my contracts, quotations and expanded my team. Without doing any single smart move like those mentioned in original rant.

    I may be crawling slowly to my thousands miles away $$$ mountain but hey at least I'm proud of myself.
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    @Santaclauze don't see anyone crying here?
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