I am forced to use IDE and Text Editor against my will.

I hate eclipse, but what to do, Salesforce support that IDE only, although VSCode has one plugin for that, but it's not the best,

Why I hate Eclipse you ask?
1. Null pointers
2. No Emmet
3. No Autcomplete
4. Runs like shit on Windows 10 (See my last rant for windows 10)
5. no pretty print extensions/plugins for isml

For my personal projects I am forced to work on Sublime because again VSCode decided to drop
1. Syntax Highlighting
2. Autocomplete
for PHP

(Fuck you for hating php)

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    -Null pointers are not an ide thing
    -There is emmet on the marketplace, but whyd u write html in eclipse
    -there is autocomplete, it even has intellisense
    -runs fine for me on a fairly low end machine, where idea takes ~5m to load
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    @sharktits I said isml not html, it gets render to html
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    I'm literally crying because syntax highlighting broke for PHP in vscode 😢😭
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    6. Its written i Java.

    No wonder it sucks
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    Syntax highlighting for PHP works for me in VS Code. v1.22.2
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    If you installed the Salesforce plugin for vsCode, it breaks the php syntax highlighting (i know, I also have this issue 🙁) just uninstall the sf plugins.

    Eclipse is horrid to work with but it’s all you really have for SF, which makes me wonder why they lack support for other editors.

    Go team PHP/SF !!
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    From salesforce.com

    The fuck?
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    @dextel2 I know right, took me a few hours to work it out changing back to a php project 😞

    I just gave up in the end and left it in eclipse.
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