tldr: maintainers can be assholes

So there's this python package+cli tool that I found interesting while browsing github and thought of contributing to it. Now this repo has around 2000 issues and multiple open PRs so seemed like a good start.

So i submit 2 PRs implementing similar features on different sites (it is a scraping repo). This douche of a maintainer marks comments various errors in the code convention not being followed without specifying what they actually were. Now I had specified that i was new to this repo so and would need his help (I guess this is one of the jobs of the reviewer). This piece of shit comments changes in the pr with one or two word sentences like "again", "wtf" and occasionally psycopathic replies. That son of a bitch can't tell what's wrong like wtf dude, instead of having a long discussion over the comments section of the fucking pr why can't you just point out what exactly is wrong and I'll happily fix that shit, but no, you have to be a douche about out it and employ sarcasm. Well FUCK YOU TOO.

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    This is exactly the reason why I normally just fork the project and implement whatever I want.

    Last time I tried with a PR a bot told me they were using a sepatate system to submit code changes. You had to get an account there, agree to a bunch of TOS and other rules, and link your account to your GitHub or something. I tried, wasted an hour, nothing worked, and gave up. So yeah, no PRs from me, unless it's for some project I really care about.
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