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    I have dual-boot Windows and Linux and use Windows just for gaming. After a hard day's work, I'm like "Let's relax by playing Witcher 3 for a couple of hours". So, I restart, select Windows and guess what? Updates... Mother. Fucking. Updates...😭😭😭

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    the whole time, I felt like, Windows was saying to me, "you left me for some else and now you want me back? Suffer bitch!"
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    start run your games in Linux.

    I only buy games that have a Linux version :)
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    I think this has become my biggest reason for getting a ps4 (besides Mirrors Edge and controller) - just have no reason for dealing with windows anymore other than gaming and I'm not stationary enough (and too lazy) to lug a rig around with me.
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    I called my PS3 the UpdateStation since it only ever did hour long updates every time we turned it on. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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