Soo.. Google is using ReCaptcha to improve their AI... They are verifying the answers by having multiple users solve the same image...

Couldn't we break their AI by just having enough users answer the same Captcha in the same wrong way?

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    Afraid not, the AI has already solved the captcha before giving it to you to confirm its results, we are to late in the game, and it’s will to serve more and more over and over again until you get it right shows you will give in and obey.

    “Unproven facts here”
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    Time to revolt. Search for random things in google, confuse their AI. Daily I grow more and more disgusted with these companies.
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    I guess one would have to organize and/or automate in order to be successful. Last thing might be difficult as this is about captchas. Any ideas?
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    No, because they see this thread so now they know your game.
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    @cuidas Dumb minds think alike. (not talking about you)

    Also, there they say what I meant with "enough". (Which makes the whole thing not actually feasible, I know.)
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