Xcode: took away the ability to manage multiple windows as documents; everything is a half-assed safari browser window that neither works like Mail nor like Safari.

Xcode: took away the ability to have variables in the debugger in separate displays, now it is a single basket of eye-bleeding variable/data spew.

Xcode: took away the ability to modify variable values in the debugger, it's just broken and lets you think you can but reverts the value.

Xcode: took away the debugger's ability to modify the execution pointer. You can't move the current line of execution to the previous line, the line past the current line, nothing.

The same internal human virus that manages the Alzheimers 'upgrades' of macOS Server seems to be managing the Xcode debugger, more aptly named now "Xcode stepper" cuz it makes a lot of motion but goes nowhere fast.

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