Today I read some words about ash deployment. Because I'm a dumbass I until now still deploye via FTP. So I read about flightplan.js and it was just awesome. I saw a video of some guy using it and I switched to girly-mode and started whining. Why didn't I use that earlier???? It's so much easier!!! And faster!!!
But then I read it's not the tool of choice on windows machines. So here's my question: what do I use for deployment on windows? Are there similar tools like flightplan.js?

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    Windows as in local development machine or windows server?

    First time hearing flightplan as well.
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    @CurseMeSlowly windows as local development machine. I also found shipit.js.
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    Honestly I have a script for that, it opens ssh, push my data

    Im planning on making it also run a script on the server to stop, remove and create a new docker container.

    But if you want something nice and clean use gitlab and add your script to post run (what ever it is named) in the gitlab.yml to auto handle it for you
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    @gitpush I will look into standard SSH connections, too. Since I never used them, I don't know how they work.
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    @Divisionbyzero simple:
    1. Add you ssh key to target server
    2. Write a bash script that willzip your deployment folder and then excute scp
    3. Profit. Your folder on the server

    You can add to it sh file on server to handle the rest of the work
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