Buy some colored pens. The more colors the better.

I did it out of curiosity. Ended up being a life saver when taking notes and planning work on paper. It probably cut my work in half. I spend more time writing stuff on paper and planning stuff, but when I do write 10 lines of code, they turn out to be pure gems fitting perfectly in the entire structure. I write them with tons of confidence, knowing that I had thought of everything and I didn't forget anything, because everything is right there, in color, on the diagrams that I drew.

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    I actually had a math teacher in high school who made us draw graphs and mark shapes in like 5 different colors. He always told us that it will help us see things better.
    About 7 years later I still remember him and every test I take, I have 5-6 colors with me.
    Also very helpful is to take a pencil with you, or go further and buy a tablet with a stylus - mine is 3 years old (galaxy note pro) but I swear by it as a great productivity and art tool.
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    I use onenote. I love it. Get a cheap tablet with pen or a surface. It is worth it.
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    I can't work with a tablet. Usually i need far more space. Right now I'm working on A3 paper, but I'm tempted to move to A2.
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