Mainly a story with some ranting sprinkled on top :)

My grandma used to refuse to turn her PC off because ONE SINGLE WINDOWS 8.1 UPDATE like 2 years ago made it so that Windows would turn the PC on by itself, nevermind it was fixed in the next update, she would simply refuse to try to turn the PC off from that point on... I never looked at the uptime but the PC was sitting on a carpet and all the fans were struggling to keep spinning, so much dust! When I asked her why it's so dusty all around the PC (the table that the PC was under was covered in a really thick layer of dust) she replied that the chambermaid comes every Wednesday to clean up the whole flat so she has no idea. I set up a camera that was recording the whole room so I could see what was going on... sure enough the chambermaid avoided anything that looked like it could have some ICs in it with a distance of at least 2 meters... When I showed the video to my grandma she was like: Yes, she is scared of electronics...
Seriously fuck me... Allright, I cleaned the whole table, carpet and the inside of PC, everything ran so quietly that I wasn't sure if I plugged the fans in.
Anyway after this I had to record the PC one whole night so I could prove to my grandma that it would not turn on by itself and she can in fact turn it off.
Fuck me... what a bad week that was...

PS: Yes, my stories do not have a point :)

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    And here I am, installing Ubuntu on my grandma's PC, because Windows 10 keeps turning on in the middle of the night and waking her up.
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    @franga2000 disable all alarms and wake up signals in UEFI, also disable waking up in Windows in the NIC properties, if it's an ASRock mobo don't forget to disable dehumidifying in UEFI
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    @franga2000 There is also a setting regarding Windows Update and its ability to turn on the PC because the update is "important" or something like that. Had the same issue, and fixed it rather quickly. I'll update when I want to thx 😂
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    My family is smart enough to search online, they're just so far into Microsoft's ecosystem Linux isn't really viable (even if they were interested in switching).
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    @D3add3d I definitely could've spent some more time messing with the BIOS, but I'd have to reinstall eventually anyway, so I'm installing something I can control more easily.

    @Nilsen02 I disabled everything that could possibly be related to it in Windows, but I think the update it's trying to apply has already been queued somehow so it's out of Windows Update's hands. The system is so old and broken, it always fails to apply it, so it keeps repeating.

    Also, my grandma much prefers the open source solitaire programs to the new UWP crap 😂
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