I'm truly and deeply bothered by

import {Object} form "module"

instead of

import { Object } from "module"

What's worse is that I'm bothered by the fact that I'm bothered about this as I'm normally able to laugh away discussions about syntax A being better than syntax B.

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    Second seems better, but I look at both and it feels strange.
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    @Bitwise Crab, that's a typo!
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    I prefer the second one, somehow fells more readable.

    The same whem writing something with parenthesis (like this) I fell more comfortable ( like this ) and I was seriously mocked by a PM sometime ago because "that's not the right way" I almost said that she could go fuck herself than.
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    Just like me in the left-brace-in-the-same-line thing.
    Long live same line.
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    You are not alone sir!
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    Prettier auto fixes this stuff up for me.
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