Best Linux distro for a dotnet developer and complete linux noob. Also if it can be really pretty?

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    For dotnet?
    I don't really know dotnet but isn't that close source software from Microsoft ?
    Then I think you should go to/stick with windows
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    @incognito You can develop dotnet on Linux (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/...)

    As for what distro. Honestly it doesn't matter that much but if you always need the latest software I'd recommend Arch based distro's. (Or Arch itself if you have some more time to spend)
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    @incognito its mostly open source and dotnet core runs on any platform.
    But i just want a beginner friendly Linux distro that looks pretty.
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    @SGrigorov Ubuntu 18.04 then?

    Gnome desktop manager 😍
    Or if you like material, try budgie
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    I second Ubuntu based distros here. I guess it's still the most beginner friendly.

    However I really disliked Gnome which came with 18.04...So I ended up just installing Xubuntu.
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    If you want it to be nice out of the box try elementary Linux, based on Ubuntu distro. Very nice. Has some hickups but does the job.
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    @incognito Dotnet core is here! And I'm a KDE plasma lover ❤
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    Take care on what version you use with dotnet. Some versions only run on some versions of some os. It's fun.

    Generally I would recommend Ubuntu for a Linux noob.
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    Maybe the newly announced Sphere.
    A Linux Distro made by Microsoft.
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    Dotnet ? You my friend deserve Gentoo.
    Never ever say something nice about Windows or MS in front of True GNU/Linux user.
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    Yeah, I'd go with Ubuntu
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    If you are at start with GNU/Linux go with Ubuntu and if you don't like the official GNOME version go for a flavors. As desktop you can considering using MATE, KDE, Budgie if you want a good compromise between options and performance.
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    Ubuntu love here ❤️
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    KDE is extremely customizable you can literally change anything about that distro.

    If you want stability try Linux mint or go for beauty go with Deepin OS.
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    Ubuntu Budgieee!
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    @over9000 the last release of kubuntu is very very stable. Have you tried it or are you using KDE with another distro?
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    @fastbyte01 Yep I'm using manjaro. Pacaur is awesome.
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    @over9000 Manjaro is good but when I tested it I have find it a little unstable but are the instability that I have find on all the arch based distro.
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    @fastbyte01 Yep I'm facing screen tearing issues. But now shifting to another distro would be time consuming.
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