One of these is full of shit.

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    I’d believe the nutshell one
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    Isn't C# 8 around the corner, already? Like to see it soon, to start stop caring about NullReferenceExceptions. :)
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    Is it the first one? (the small notebook?)
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    C# in depth is the best. Written by master Jon Skeet
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    And I think someone just missunderstood the meaning of 'in a nuttshell' :)
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    I like how the "in a nutshell" variant is larger than the "in depth" version.
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    @vigidis In English titles, nouns are capitalised like you see them in German
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    @vigidis Did you watch "Star wars" or "Jurassic park"? I watched the capitalized versions, they were bigger. ^^
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    I think that the title "C# in a Nutshell" was ironic from the begin.

    The first edition has 864 pages (and the seven edition has 1090 pages today) and cover a whole part of the language :


    The second book doesn't seem to be in the same idea : https://manning.com/books/...
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