You know the world is fucked up when you can post a picture of your dinner on Facebook and it gets fifty likes, but when you post about something important, like software and hardware freedom is gets one like.

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    A friend said something similar to me today during lunch. If you post something about sex on Facebook you' ll get good response on the post but if you quote a excerpt from Bible or on good cause hardly any response. Sounds to be so true.
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    Fb is a cunt
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    Everybody* eats dinner, it's relatable. Not everybody knows or cares about these more focused topics.
    For example: Try telling your mom about what you had for dinner versus what gpu you bought. Which would she be more receptive too?
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    @Hobo42 I get your point but my mom is a bad example. She'd pretend to be excited about both things haha!
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    So, We and them are living in different world right now.(FB vs DevRant)
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