Told juniors about coding guidelines that don't put another if-else just to fix a bug. Think through about it and see if you can come up with better solutions.

Today one bug was filed, they asked what happened, one junior said that he [my name] asked me for no if-else in code. He kinda deleted all if-else in codebase and started using same implementation for everything.

I'm standing with a WTF face.


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    Well atleast he followed your instruction 😳
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    The universe has a way with making great idiots
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    You shouldn't govern by fiat. It is much easier to change the habits of juniors if you let them figure it out. You should never assume what you say will be interpreted the way you mean it. The statement you made is quite generic and open to interpretation, if one of the juniors was insecure, he would have taken it as a criticism, hence the extreme end result. I believe you were advising your team to minimise branching and if the issue required an upstream change, they should seek further assistance. Remember, they're juniors, they're too scared to mess around with code that "works".
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    Hahahahahaha, some people lack common sense 😂😂
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    @ymas hmm, I'll take care of this in future. Actually he developed this service under direction of another senior dev. That guy left company because he was frustrated with management. So, in those times, he just approved every code-review without much attention.

    There code is very buggy, and everytime a new bug gets filed, he put another condition-check in codebase. Now I'm assigned senior dev for that service, so as a starter I gave so called 'guidelines'.

    I'll keep your advice in mind... This is going to be tough journey.😓
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    @thatJavaGuy are you looking for any (remote) freelancer, I'm not senior nor junior 😂
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    @ziadkiwan haha, no. I'm only an employee.😀
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    @thatJavaGuy i just want it for experience 😂, idgf about money 😂
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