Why is this CSS not updating???

Ctrl + F5


Let's check in incognito..

F*CK, really!!!!

.... Ooooooh right I'm checking prod not dev.

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    Keep the dev console open to the network tab with "disable cache" box ticked on, saves me sooo much time in checking if it's just serving cached css
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    Meh. Real devs test in prod.
    *watches company burn with a satisfied smile*
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    Wait, it's shift + F5
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    things like this is why i gradually adopted workflow of writing html+css in browser dev tools, and then when i'm done copy-pasting it into actual files.
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    Literally did this yesterday. Thought it was caching, everything until I checked the URL :/
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    Stuff like this happens far too often. 😂🤣
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    Also this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...

    After having used that for a few years, it hurts to see people hard-reload pages to test CSS.
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    Sounds like my average Monday
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