Serious question, looking for actual educational answers: I've used Linux for around 5 years now, but what, from a practical user standpoint, makes Arch so much "better" than other distros, as many seem to believe?

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    @fuck2code what is aur? I'm thinking about trying out Arch on my old laptop now that I have a dedicated work computer from my company.
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    also: any resources/guides you recommend for first time Arch users?
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    aur (arch user repo) is a "compile from source" system for extra packages

    pacman is, ok, i don't think it's better or worse than other package managers

    personally i don't think arch is that great. if you want newer software it's nice. but arch has things that are "too" new and break something for me at least 1 of every 3 updates. also don't find the aur that great as i come across broken scripts from there a good deal of the time.

    arch's wiki is a great "go to" for almost any linux user (although every wiki seems to be out of date the last year or so)
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    Nothing really
    Packman cant do anything special that apt cant
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    @fuck2code I came over my first one a few days ago, but problem is easy to fix by compiling manually, as pacman has an outdated ver of maim
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