This will definitely trigger some people.

New smartphone releases aren't 'tech news'.
An implementation of a technology ripped off from other devices (GPS, VR etc..) isn't 'tech news', it's just implementation of an existing technology.

So please, everyone who reads the self-called 'tech news' to look for a new phone release to waste money on - stop calling yourself a 'tech geek' - "Oh my god, I'm such a tech geek, it's embarrassing - this new iPhone was released and I just couldn't wait to get spend my money on it".

Just shut the fuck up - you are willingly dragging a tracking device everywhere you go and you are PAYING for it to look cool and be full of features you won't even fucking use.

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    Implementing existing technology not used in smartphones before is most definitely "tech news".
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    Why are news about new smartphones not tech news, only because they aren't completly new?
    I buy a new smartphone only every 3 to 3,5 years so that I don't get out of the software update cycle, but still read every news about new smartphones to see what each manufacter is doing.

    I know you want to get the frustation out, because of the ones you are complaining about, but still it's technically tech news. (It's by far the least important)
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    @FilipeRamalho I'm not frustrated, I just like to rant.

    Tech is short for technology (obviously), so tech news literally means technological news.

    Implementation of existing technology is not new technology, ergo far from news.
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    Either you shouldn't have mentioned iPhone or you should have mentioned android devices too.
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    So based on your logic, the fact the PS1 used CD's wasn't newsworthy at the time since the CD was first used in 1982?
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    I swear this is the decade of pointless technologies and inventions...
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    New tech != Tech news
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    @bitter It was, but not because of 'CD's' already existing, but because of programming systems that allowed for more random access to CD's data as opposed to linear access.

    Many programming technologies were invented at that time.
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    Calm down. Smartphone releases definitely so count as tech news.

    You seem to be confusing "science" news, which is where actually original inventions are showcased with tech news, which is exactly what you claim it's not supposed to be, by definition.
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