First rant here!

So i just inherited this legacy application in my new job.

I started looking at the code and it just doesnt make sense!

What the fucking fuck!!

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    And I thought I wrote bad Rails apps
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    Also, welcome to DevRant!
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    print logs is your friend
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    Experience and headache are what you will get from that legacy treasure!

    & Welcome to devrant!
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    Does that mean I can be a programmer too?
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    Legacy application maintaining rule #101: (if it is working) please look but don't touch!

    Welcome to devrant !
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    Hahahaha, oh man... Shocking.

    Good luck, mate!
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    when working with legacy app keep in mind that each line you read is not only storing info about current function(ality) but also years to decades of history of changes of itself as well as the surrounding context.

    you're an archaeologist now, not an engineer. think about what has most likely happened through the history with the thing, not what function does the thing have now.

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    @Midnigh-shcode also assume every bug you find is being exploited as a feature by some user somewhere
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    Don't touch that. Took over a old program and added error handling. Broke the workflow. He freaking counted on errors happening! -.-
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    hahahahahahahahah, we all passed into this, it always happens to me, i write a code and after i comeback to it later, i'm like WHO THE STUPID FUCK WHO WROTE THIS, then i remember that it was me :')
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    Atleast it has a few comments.
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    I'm quite intrigued by the "##file included no dashes in filename" comment — does that mean that only files with dashes are handled at all? :o
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    I may see an Sql injection issue BTW..
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    @Flygger thats exactly what it means haha. The application splits the filename by dashes and then use this values as tags.
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    Showing to my wife: <sarcastically> Good! At least it's going to be saved 😂
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    # user is accessible by 'user' variable
    Well, I wouldn't have guessed.

    Welcome here!
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