A client asked me to work on a new website for them. They setup a WordPress site with a basic theme and asked for the following additions:

- Job application system
- Employee management
- Employee scheduling/holidays
- Online clock-in/out and pay calculation
- Training videos/modules for employees with progress tracking

And their budget... $75


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    Hahahahahahahahahaha they’re dreaming right?
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    Per hour? Fuck yes.

    Otherwise, suck my dick you disrespectful pieces of shit.

    Have the decency to use common sense and know you're not getting shit for $75.
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    Just install Wordpress and say "It has all the plugins. Install and use them, fucko"
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    I love when stupid people think they can get a full employee portal/HR system using free software and less than $100 on top of it.

    There are companies out there that have built their own systems from scratch and turned it into a full business... people subscribe to said system for thousands of dollars a year.

    WordPress and $75. Fuck off.
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    Just sent this rant to your lovely client. 😁
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