Should I master Go or Python? Which is a good investment.

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    Go for Python ✋
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    @xerex09 Did you mean Go as in the verb or learn Golang for Python. Though I think it's the first. Thanks. :)
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    @thremedy but seriously if you developing skills for the future, GoLang is great.
    ML, AI, Datascience, Python is the best.
    Its like comparing what do you prefer to wear? Shirt or Jeans. You can use both or any one. ✋
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    Python, but only by a very small margin. Go is a great and powerful la guage which is also very easy to learn and use. The one thing that I can say is that it seems to be a very boring language, which is good really! There are very few gotchas since the language does not waste time trying to be cute with "elegant" shit, most of the time "do what I mean" translates effectively to Go, but then the same could be said about python.

    The thing is, til a language comes up with something as nice as Jupiter and the pandas, matplotlib, scikit learn, tensorflow as python does which lets you implement a linear re gression is as less as 40 lines of code....well....tough to beat python really.
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    Python. I dont think you can make money playing Go
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    Trust a Python dude like me.
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    @Codex404 so you think that breeding snakes makes more money? 🤔🤔
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    @Krokoklemme yes, and if it doesnt work you can play flute and let them dance
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    Snek power 🐍
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    Mastery takes many years. You won't really choose what you're a master of. You'll build good stuff and you'll learn whatever you need to build those.

    Depending on what you built, you'll be a master of whatever you used to build those.

    So don't worry about "becoming a master" in a language. Build interesting stuff. Try both languages and learn whichever serves you better.
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