Hi guys, I'm planing to move to the Netherlands(Amsterdam) by the middle/end of this year and I would like to ask for advices, recomendadtions or any info is welcome.

I'm 23 years old living in Spain since 12. Frontend Developer with 2 years experience in Angular, Node.

Also would like to know the salaries range for frontend Developer if someone knows anything.

Thanks a lot

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    The range seems to be 2k to 4k with some outliers at 1k according to glassdoor:
    https://glassdoor.nl/Salarissen/... (dutch)

    Welcome to the land of weed and hookers by the way. 😉

    Anything else you'd like to know?
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    @rootshell lol lovely summary welcoming
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    @senzory I don't know about how good they are since I haven't used hookers.

    I think the lowest you'll get is about 100 for an hour if you don't want to expand your STD collection.
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    @rootshell it's like Pokémon go, gotta catch em all
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    Of you don’t want to pay that much for housing, I would recommend Almere. It is a city near Amsterdam. It only takes half an hour to go from Almere to Amsterdam by train or car. Furthermore Almere doesn’t have all the drunk and high tourists...
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    @Floydian I hardly know anything about Amsterdam but if you want AFFORDABLE housing, do not go to amsterdam'
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    @linuxxx oops!! I thought you were from Amsterdam.
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    @Floydian Nah haha, Netherlands != Amsterdam :P
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    @linuxxx isn't Amsterdam capital city of Netherlands?
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    Hi, I live in Amsterdam. The rent isn't really cheap. If you really want to live in Amsterdam I would look more at houses in "noord", "nieuw-west", "zuid-oost". And its pretty easy to get to the centre from there.

    These are some parts of the town where rent isn't that high, But it Will be still around 500-800 a month for an apartment.

    If I was you I would look at renting a room and live with roommates. Rent Will be cheaper that way and gas/light/water is included.

    Or you can look at housing in Almere or Utrecht. It will probably be cheaper.
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