In the same vain as Linus Torvalds: "Fuck Nvidia, and Intel".

Trying to get intel+nvidia laptop prime w/e working is a living hell.

I'm running Manjaro(arch for lazy people) with I3-gaps(larbs).

So Manjaro provides this handy script/program mhwd that supposedly would enable the non free blob Nvidia driver except it doesn't work cause it uses bumblebee and it's saying it can't find the clearly installed fucking Nvidia driver.

Bashing my head against a wall is more fucking productive then getting my cum stain of laptop to work properly.

"Just disable the intel graphics in bios"
I would except my old shitty Acer bios piece of fucking crap can't even after booting Windows for usb hdd and flashing BIOS.


I fucking love Linux but I gave up gaming for it.

I'll start joining red team from now on instead of trying to use your broken shit.

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    Maybe its system/distro specific I have Nvidia + intel on a Dell, everything works in Ubuntu (mate) 16.04.
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    Dual GPU laptops suck. Laptops suck for gaming. If you need a big GPU, get a desktop.
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    The problem comes from Nvidia Optimus which on Windows enables load balancing on either Intel integrated or Nvidia GPU for power saving. On Linux bumblebee is supposed to bring support but it is incredibly difficult, sometimes impossible to have it work, it seems that it depends on which chips are in the laptop and who built the chips. Also I don't know the support status of bumblebee but it might require earlier Nvidia driver if it is not in sync with the latest drivers. And yes I already had this problem on a laptop, also yes I have up... As for the builder thing, I had two laptops, same processor, same gpu, on one it worked on the other the system would freeze almost instantly at the display manager.
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    I had this problem with fedora. Then I installed Linux mint and in one click, I had an Nvidia driver installed and running.
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    Nvidia - yeah
    Intel - no.

    I've had nice experience with arch and Intel. It might be a Manjaro issue due to its affinity for shitty proprietary drivers.
    Try the revenge installer. It's arch for lazy people without manjaro bullshit.

    Nice choice of dotfiles btw. I use larbs too.
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    @RantSomeWhere Hmm I'll try that and just follow the arch wiki and see if it wants to work. 😁
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    Years ago (before I used Ubuntu) Nvidia released clear, distro-agnostic instructions for installing their proprietary display drivers. It was a piece of cake. Do they not have these anymore?
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    @bahua Installing Nvidia graphics isn't really hard. It's when Nvidia prime got introduced it started being annoying. 😅
    This is where you have an laptop with Intel apu and dedicated nvidia card and they are supposed to do balance the load and dynamically switch depending on load.
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    CUDA on Linux gah... Also no realtek drivers
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    I've never had the chance to try Linux before (I work with WinAPI) but I wanted to try it on my intel/nvidia laptop. No dice booting up any of the distributions. Even in safe mode :'(
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    I doubt intel is to blame for this. Intel is doing a great job supporting Linux AFAIK. And yeah, it's a shitty situation. On the one hand, you can' really game properly on Linux because of lacking support, on the other hand, if you just game on Windows then you're part of the reason why Linux is lacking support.

    I personally use Windows for gaming, too, I wish i wouldn't have to…
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    While laptops are massively more popular for general use, desktops are far better suited for gaming on any platform. Gaming on a laptop feels like a hack anyway.
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    @bahua Well I am abroad for 5 months. So gotta make do. 😅
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    You might try cloudy gaming. That's good for laptop use.
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    Just saying, buuuut... You could always blacklist the intel module. The power consumption will be higher since the nvidia card will always be used, but there should be no other issues... At least, it's working for me on Arch
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    @soulsuke Ended up reinstalling.
    My graphics card isn't supported by Nvidia anymore so I settled for noveau drivers.
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    @rootshell ...sucks. Yeah, nvidia tends to do that, and legacy drivers are just meh.
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    I've ran a laptop with nvidia+intel with ubuntu/mint/elementary and many more distro's for years without issues O_o
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    @linuxxx Yeah soo.. I switched from Manjaro to Arch and it just worked™
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    I think I'm going to buy an AMD laptop soon. I have a bad experience with Nvidia on Linux. Does anyone know if the ryzen CPUs for laptops are working properly on Linux?
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    @Danacus phoronix will probably have something
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    @cyclic3 that's a cool website, thanks!
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    Is it normal that I still have Intel HD Graphics 2000 from 2011 when there was Sandy Bridge?
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