That, my fellow devRanters, is me using 3 TeamViewers to edit something on the server.

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    I get the feeling that TeamViewer isn't safe and people use it in their companies for confidential stuff.
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    @Collie senseless comment, have my upvote
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    They didn't hear about SSH I guess? Or it's "insecure" or some bullshit?
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    I love windows. But on servers? Dude.
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    @daintycode it's useful when you need to run a windows/.net tool for a longer time
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    Action center flag red x...better turn off messages about smartscreen.
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    @daintycode i actually prefer it tbh
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    I'm a Windows user for some 20+ years and I would rather eat these "Dick Dusters" than run Windows on the server...
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    @daintycode i worked in big companies running windows server for 10 years, not a single issue... Of course it depends on your needs to choose between windows and linux
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    @daintycode I hate it but yes on servers it's fucking terrible and unstable as far as my experience with it goes.

    Luckily my boss fucking hates windows on servers as well (a lot for security reasons) though :D
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    ah yes, RDP, my favourite teamviewer fork
    completely same protocol, same UI, same everything. the name is as follows:

    R Teamviewer
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    @Fradow golly gee, that SECURE shell protocol really sounds like a big security hazard
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    I don’t hate Windows like I probably should. I’ve really enjoyed Powershell remoting and headless ServerCore.

    For doing identity management, AAA, Role Based Access, and hell even file shares via DFS with replication it’s been painless.

    With some minor tweaking to a domain you can run Powershell scripts to do literally anything you need to in Windows world. It’s pretty nice. And for junior staff there’s the pointy clicky wizards that mostly do right by default.
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    @danzig666 we‘re doing it wrong.
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    @SphinxGraph WE don‘t make the rules and WE are not listened to anyway!
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