Soon I’ll be unemployed (on purpose) and will spend some time on my own project ideas.
Pretty much each of them will require an API..

Already started with the first one using python + flask, but I’m planning to do each of them in a different language..

What do you propose? What’s the most fun and the most interesting technology in your opinion?

I’m senior in Java and advanced in JS, / Node so it won’t be any of those and I’m also not a fan of PHP :)

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    @zickig just to grow and get some new impressions.
    I also don’t wanna do this commercial, just some Projects for me and my friends.

    I’ve a lot of experience building APIs so don’t worry, quality > quantity;) I’m just tired of Java right now.

    Not brave, I just need a break after 8 years of being employed. Also I saved some money so for a while I’ll not have to worry about that.
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    Give kotlin a try!
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    Assuming the API to be in HTTP. If you know Node and JS, wondering why r u even asking this? Just take a course from Udemy on building REST API using Nodejs. Better still, if your API need different filter criteria or need to combine multiple data sources, review GraphQL, it's hot.
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    Go maybe?
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    @dithomas @EngineerCoding
    Have heard a lot of good thinks about both of your suggestions..

    Guess I’ll have a look at them.
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