Being a full stack developer has been an amazing journey. Looking at a project and understanding how the entire stack work starting from the mobile apps, APIs and DB is a total bless.

Nevertheless, lately switching context between modern languages has been extremely frustrating.

Swift looks like kotlin, elixir looks like ruby. Hell even swift and ruby are very similar.

Writing ruby in Xcode and wondering why the fuck Xcode complaining. Well no shit, swift is not ruby. Took me 5 mins of head scratching to notice it 😢

Hell I am now writing down the latest language I am working with on my hand to keep track 😂

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    @Alice hahaha maybe I should 😂
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    ++ for swift
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    Why would you write this on your arm?
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    Can totally relate.
    I've wondered before why Babel was complaining about `.each` ... took a little while for me to realize I was supposed to be writing JavaScript, not Ruby. I've had similar scenarios with C, Pascal, batch, bash, etc.

    (I should probably install a spectre patch on myself since context switching causes me more problems than like anything else.)

    It's all worth it, though ~
    Planning and building everything yourself in ways that make sense. It's so worth it. No more relying on others and worrying what will break and how badly.
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    @ewpratten hahha was frustrated that day :)
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