Successfully moved my server across the big pond - or so I thought.

Turns out that Vultr has newly acquired a IP range that was belonging to a ISP in Greece. So far so good. But, it existed on 6-7 blacklists, Vultr had failed to delegate the network to their rDNS, and my domain suffered from DNSSEC ( fuck DNSSEC )

After two days of complaining to Vultr because they did not believe me they finally fixed their shit. My domain did start working again from some reason that I dont know and the blacklists is being removed one by one.

The Circus ended with a beer on the balcony, I like beer 🍻🍻🍻

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    ++ for beer.
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    How is vultr in 2018?
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    It is ok, but I am starting to get the feeling that the staff is starting to get nonchalant.
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    Your rants are always laid-back classy.
    I like laid-back classy.
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    They are really improving their servers, I did notice a big boost in performance couple of months ago on my 2.5$ server, though I wish their prices were affordable, Scaleway is cool but not as fast as vultr
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    Yeah Vultr is good. I once got a wrong IPv6 on the dashboard. This caused my IPv6 on server to not work. I messaged staff about it and they fixed it in 2 hours.
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    @Linux yeah, had that feeling about them when I started researching a vps host
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    I have used them since 2014 actually, I have never had any issues with downtime or any other shit. But when I open a ticket for a real problem - I am often meet with not really friendly support by the senior people.
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