My dad always told me to use my head...

Well now its raining and they need to get back home. My apartment is 15mins away from their office by train + Uber...

Their home is a 1.5hr train + car and that's assuming everything runs on time.

Somehow it didn't cross their mind that perhaps they would be better staying over at my place? ...

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    Maybe they assumed the raining will stop after 1.5 hr train trip?
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    @mohammed 1.5 total time, asuming everything runs on time and no traffice jam. Honestly one of the biggest reasons i moved here was so i wouldnt need to take so long to go to work... or NYC but somehow it never seems to cross their minds at these types of times that maybe they could just come over... i mean I have a living room that has a futon.... the whole purpose is for them to sleep in....
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    Maybe they thought you don't want them to stay and didn't bother to ask?
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