I should see it coming by now... it happens every release. I’m so tired of the ‘but can’t you just build in this one more thing?’ meetings. If I tell them we can’t, they get mad. If I tell them we can and we don’t deliver, they get mad. So... you want the truth or do you want me to lie to you? Your choice!

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    I hate the "I'm sure you can manage it. I believe in you" crap
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    Easy: I deliver what we have planned on time or you take responsibility for me delaying this release another 2-3 days just so you can have this useless feature you’ll only use once.

    They usually see things my way after that.
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    Just try and see what you can do.

    - I hate this shit
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    They want you to work massive amounts of overtime, for free, without any burnout effects or lingering resentment. :)
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    @HollowKitty I finally convinced my employer that I wanted to be paid by the hour when I'm working rather than salary. So far it has worked in my favor, I average about 10 hours of overtime, and I've got 20 hours of overtime on my next check.
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